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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the owners rent their condo during their absence?

Yes, however, be aware that certain conditions apply. Depending on which building you are in, the conditions are different. You must be the owner for a minimum of time that must be checked with each building concerned. In addition, the number of rentals as well as the duration differs from one building to another. You must also consider that one of the tenants must be 55 years of age or older.

Can we welcome visitors?

Yes for the owners, in accordance with the laws and regulations of each building. With regard to tenants, this is according to the rental agreement with the landlord always in accordance with the laws and regulations of the building concerned.

Are animals allowed?

Unfortunately, no pets are allowed in the apartments. On the other hand, you will regularly meet the magnificent birds, iguanas and lizards that are nearby.

What is a special assessment?

A special assessment is an additional sum to the monthly common expenses, charged to the owners in order to finance a special or large project in your building or in the phase

What are condo fees?

Generally speaking, condo fees include the expenses associated with the maintenance of the building, such as water and sewer taxes, garbage pick-up, electricity and insurance for common areas. Some buildings provide the Internet as well as the basic Comcast package. In addition, the fees include a portion of the expenses of the phase, namely the landscaping of the site, the pool, the "house club" and equipment etc ...

Are there restrictions on the number of occupants per condo

Yes, the verification must be done with each building concerned.